NDIS Worksite Assessments

Identifying functional capacity
in the role and the workplace

Worksite assessments support an NDIS participant in determining suitable tolerances and capabilities in the workplace, and if any modifications are required.

The assessment may also help to determine appropriate employment duties for NDIS participants with NDIS Worksite Assessments.

What is an NDIS Worksite Assessment?

The objective of an NDIS Worksite Assessment is to assess current functional capacity, including the ability to undertake the physical, social and cognitive demands of the role. The process involves collaboration with the NDIS participant, their support team and their current employer. This is to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the participant’s abilities and challenges within their specific work environment is assessed.

During the assessment, the NDIS participant’s functional capacity, including their current psychological wellbeing and status is confirmed. Our tailored assessments understand the employees capabilities, to help develop suitable duties.

In addition, NDIS Worksite assessments can assist in guiding recommendations that aid in the management of an NDIS participant’s disabilities, to optimise occupational performance within the workplace. This includes identifying a need for workplace modifications, services or assistive technology for example. The recommendations generated from the assessment assist in the planning of reasonable adjustments and inform other strategies that enhance the NDIS participant’s job satisfaction and success in the role.

Ultimately, an NDIS Worksite Assessment empowers individuals with disabilities to thrive professionally, and achieve their established NDIS goals surrounding economic participation and employment.

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Supporting disabilities in the workplace

NDIS Worksite Assessments are not only beneficial for the participant. Employers can develop a better understanding of how to accommodate and support their NDIS employees effectively, promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Employers that embrace equity through making accommodations and reasonable adjustments, foster a workplace culture that values diversity and empowers individuals with disabilities to thrive professionally.

For Support Coordinators

Is an NDIS Worksite Assessment suitable for your participant? An NDIS Worksite Assessment can support your participant with the following:

A workplace assessment helps evaluate the specific needs and requirements of the participant within their workplace environment. It involves assessing the physical layout, equipment, and tasks involved in the participant’s job to ensure accessibility and suitability for their disability.

The assessment identifies any necessary modifications or adjustments needed in the workplace to accommodate the participant’s disability. This may include modifications to the physical environment, such as installing ramps or accessible workstations, or modifications to work processes to enhance the participant’s productivity and comfort.

A workplace assessment helps determine the need for assistive technology or devices that can support the participant in performing their job tasks effectively. It identifies specific tools or equipment that can enhance accessibility, communication, or mobility in the workplace.

Based on the workplace assessment outcomes, the support coordinator can recommend reasonable adjustments to the participant’s employer. These adjustments aim to create an inclusive and supportive work environment that enables the participant to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

The workplace assessment can identify any training needs for the participant or their colleagues to ensure a better understanding of disability-related accommodations and support strategies. It helps the support coordinator coordinate appropriate training and support services to foster a supportive workplace culture.

The workplace assessment considers the participant’s health and safety requirements in the workplace. It helps identify potential hazards or risks that may be relevant to the participant’s disability and ensures necessary measures are taken to mitigate those risks.

By conducting a workplace assessment, the participant and support team can gather crucial information about the participant’s work environment and make recommendations to optimise the workplace for their specific needs. This process aims to enhance the participant’s overall work experience, productivity, and job satisfaction while promoting inclusivity and compliance with disability-related regulations and standards.

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