School Leaver Employment Support

Supporting pathways from school to employment

Are you finishing school?

Graduating high school and the transition that follows can be an exciting yet daunting change. When finishing school, there are a number of pathways and supports available to help you navigate this new transition. 

Our School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) helps you build your capacity to prepare you for work. Our supports utilise your aspirations, skills, abilities, interests, and personal and family circumstances to find employment that’s right for you.

People with disability can achieve levels of independence with stable employment. Enjoy the work you do, make friends and be able to afford more leisure options. If employment is one of your goals, contact us today.

What is SLES?

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) are pathways and programs designed to help high school leavers prepare for work by gaining experience prior to, or just after completing high school studies. SLES is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and experience to support you into either:

  •  Paid employment
  • Mainstream vocational activity
  • Volunteering
  • Tertiary education

Who is eligible for SLES?

SLES are available to NDIS participants in their final year of school and those who have recently left school (generally up to age 22). SLES is a nation-wide program and can be considered for any student who has reached school leaving age and is looking to transition from school to work.

What does SLES look like?

At Ability Partners, we offer the following Employment Supports:

  • Pathways Program – Job Placement
  • Job Design
  • Workplace Modifications
  • Vocational Counselling

What can I expect?

Our employment supports are person-centred and individually tailored to your NDIS goals. You can expect a strategic plan that accommodates to your varying skills and specific needs.

Pathways Program - Job Placement

The Pathways Program guides you to complete an array of practical activities and personal evaluations to ascertain your aspirations and interests. We also take into account your specific personal and family circumstances. We then utilise our professional network to match you with appropriate job placement opportunities.

Job Design

Job Design is the process of determining the specific skills, tasks and responsibilities that you will perform in your role of employment. Our therapists will develop a Job Design that enables you to be an efficient employee. We will help to develop duties with an employer, that are centered on your abilities and individualised NDIS goals.

Workplace Modifications

Our Occupational Therapists develop recommendations for necessary physical workplace modifications. This includes physical alterations to a working environment, like in the home or office. Workplace modifications allows a workplace to be more accessible, and can include mobility bars, extra space, motion-controlled taps and dispensers for example. 

Vocational Counselling

Vocational Counselling identifies aspects of physical, social and mental wellbeing. Our trained professionals focus on collaborative and non-judgemental rapport building, to help prepare you for your transition beyond high school. Our Vocational Counselling allows you to discuss employment-related issues or problems you may be experiencing. And with confidence building strategies, you’ll be well-equipped with skills to take into the workplace. 

Our SLES aims to deliver a successful transition into:

  • Employment,
  • Mainstream vocational activity, or
  • Disability employment services provider.