Neuro Rehabilitation - EDNA

What is Elements by Dynamic Neural Arts?

Elements by Dynamic Neural Arts (EDNA) is a tablet touchscreen device we send to your home that allows you to complete intense, engaging therapy on your terms.

Our specialist Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists use this cutting edge technology to rehabilitate your upper limb function.

How does it work?

EDNA is therapy made interactive. The game-like software tasks, tangible and graspable tools, and augmented feedback improve your motor function and cognitive skills.

Tasks can be modified depending on the level of disability.

In clinical trials, EDNA has been shown to be improve upper-limb and cognitive function more than standard therapies, even over short periods of use.

EDNA is suitable for patients with
moderate-to-severe impairments, who are recovering from Acquired Brain Injury.


Interested in using EDNA?

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