NDIS Vocational Assessments

Identifying abilities and
Vocational Opportunities

Vocational assessments identify the skills, interests, and abilities of NDIS participants, enabling them to make informed choices about their career paths and vocational aspirations.

The vocational assessment process

The process starts with an initial consultant with the participant and one of our consultants. We want to know about their interests and what their hobbies are, to develop a better understanding of the skills they require, to reach their NDIS goals.

Our team use a variety of assessment tools, which include interviews, questionnaires and skills tests, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the participant’s abilities. Through the Vocational assessment, our therapists are able to identify the participant’s strengths and transferable skills aligned with their interests. 

We know how important it is for us to be encouraging throughout the process. We want our clients to feel empowered to explore potential career pathways. Our therapists believe in a collaborative approach. The assessment is then used to identify suitable employment options and set realistic vocational goals.

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Benefits of a
Vocational Assessment

The benefits of completing a Vocational assessment includes:

  • Empowering participants to gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities.
  • Increasing employment opportunities, by matching skills and interest for suitable job options.
  • Enhancing a participant’s NDIS Plan. The Vocational Assessment can be used to ensure employment-related supports are adequately tailored.

For Support Coordinators

Is an NDIS Vocational Assessment suitable for your participant? An NDIS Vocational Assessment can support your participant with:

The vocational assessment helps identify the participant’s skills, interests, and abilities, assisting the participant and their support group in understanding the participant’s employment goals.

The vocational assessment evaluates the participant’s work capacity, taking into account their physical capabilities, cognitive abilities, communication skills, and any accommodations or support needed for successful employment.

The assessment helps identify the participant’s support needs in the workplace, including assistive devices, workplace modifications, or ongoing support from a job coach or mentor.

Based on the vocational assessment outcomes, the participant and their support group can create an individualised plan tailored to the participant’s vocational goals and support requirements.

The vocational assessment may identify areas where the participant needs additional skills development or training to enhance their employability, allowing the participant and their support group to connect with suitable vocational training programs or courses.

The vocational assessment helps the participant and their support group navigate various vocational programs and services available under the NDIS scheme, connecting the participant with relevant employment service providers, vocational training institutions, or job placement agencies.

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