Journal Club: ‘Self-care and Wellbeing in Mental Health Professionals: The Mediating Effects of Self-awareness and Mindfulness’

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Journal in review: Self-care and Wellbeing in Mental Health Professionals: The Mediating Effects of Self-awareness and Mindfulness.

Methodology review

The study surveyed 148 mental health professionals holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. However, because the surveys were mailed (return rate 35.7%), those who returned them were therefore self-selected/motivated. Any differences between individuals who returned surveys and those who didn’t could not be examined.

Social desirability may also have limited this research. Because mental health professionals help their clients increase general wellbeing, they may have been compelled to positively bias their reports of participation in self-care activities and overall wellness.

The study itself did not distinguish or define what was classed specifically as mindfulness vs self-care activities.

Practical applications and take homes

  • The results of the study indicate that the frequency with which mental health professionals participate in self-care activities and the importance they place on them is associated with overall wellbeing, which suggests that self-care is important to the functioning of mental health professionals.
  • Exploring the utility of developing self-care and wellness activities within the workplace. If selfcare practices become part of workplace culture healthcare providers may be more likely to participate and find the value in self-care.

Ability Partners provides a range of wellbeing initiatives and career development and benefits for staff.

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