5 Australian podcasts about living with disability

5 Australian podcasts about living with disability

At Ability Partners, we love a good list almost as much as we love a good listen. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 Australian podcasts about living with disability. From heartfelt personal accounts to empowering discussions on accessibility and inclusion, these podcasts explore the diverse realities of navigating life with disability.


Dylan Alcott needs no introduction, but just in case… Alcott is an Australian former wheelchair tennis player, former wheelchair basketball player, radio host and motivational speaker. He is a Paralmpic gold medalist, the winner of 10 Grand Slam titles including the Golden Slam in 2021. Oh and he won Australian of the Year 2022.

Angus O’Loughlin has worked in the entertainment industry for 15 years, including TV, radio, and podcasts. In addition to years of content development, he has over 20,000 hours of audio editing and digital asset creation under his belt.

About the podcast, in their words: Challenge what you think it’s like to live with disability.  Hosts Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin speak to people living with disabilities about their lives and ask them the questions you thought were off-limits. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn something. This is a podcast for everyone – disabled or abled, and hopes to break down stigmas, change perceptions, and to challenge what you think it’s like to live with disability.

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The I Can’t Stand Podcast

Peta Hooke wants you to think of her as ‘your friendly girl next door who has a disability.’ Peta has cerebral palsy and was tired of being asked by strangers on the street “What happened to you?’. So, she started a podcast!

About the podcast, in their words: Have you ever wondered what it is like to live with a disability? The I Can’t Stand Podcast is for everyone who has a question or just wondered about disability. No questions are off-limits any question you have is allowed.

Every week Peta will answer any question you have, based on her experiences as a single, 30- something woman who has Cerebral Palsy.

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Disability Done Different

About the podcast, in their words: Roland and Evie Naufal are a dad-daughter team who chat with interesting guests who have carved their own path in the disability sector – revealing battle scars, imparting wisdom and talking straight about their journeys.
This podcast aims to have the kind of conversations that come about when passionate people aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

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Boldly Me

Chloe Hayden was diagnosed with autism and ADHD from a young age and is now an advocate for disability rights and diversity. You might recognise her from Netflix’s Heartbreak High series.

About the podcast, in their words: In this series Chloé will chat to people that, just like her, are living life boldly and are unapologetically themselves. Chloe will be joined by people known for living their lives authentically, and with confidence. From life lessons to advice for overcoming challenges, to learning to embrace your *sparkle*. Boldly Me will show you that the best way to live life is by fully embracing yourself.

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Accessed That

About the podcast, in their words: Across an 11-episode series, Accessed That is a Queensland-based podcast covering frank and insightful conversations about navigating life and travel with a disability. 

From a chat with Carly Findlay about her experience travelling with a visible skin disorder, to TikTok sensation Jimmy Jan sharing how he navigates new terrain in a wheelchair, and author, mum and motivational speaker Emmah Money discussing the hurdles of travelling with cystic fibrosis, their stories will absolutely get you thinking about inclusive travel in a new way. 

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If you someone or you know is living with a disability and needs support, get in touch today.