Recovering from and living independently after a brain injury

Recovering from and living independently after a brain injury

Following the completion of an Occupational Therapy (OT) Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA), Ability Partners therapist Sarantos was pleasantly surprised and inspired by his client Emma’s story. Emma has been kind enough to share her story with us; and now you!

A bit about Emma

At 7 years old, Emma was enjoying her school life and playing tennis before she was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour (Medulloblastoma). After successful surgery and several treatments through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Emma sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Emma’s concern at the time as a 7-year-old was being young and not fully understanding the entire situation.

Together with a dedicated team of medical and allied health professionals, family and friends, Emma slowly but steadily progressed over the years from a wheelchair, to a mobility frame, to then a walking stick. Now, Emma is able to walk completely independently.


Emma lives independently, working a full-time job within the public sector. Through the OT assessment completed completed by Ability Partners, Emma may be able to receive additional transport assistance to get to work, without reliance on family nor friends. She has a passion for motivational speaking and inspiring today’s youth to overcome life’s challenges and achieve anything they set their mind to, just as she did.

There is much more to know and learn about Emma’s story – lucky for us she has authored a book Winning the Fight, detailing her story in much greater detail. 

The book reveals how Emma survived her diagnosis, and over the years continued to ‘fight’ towards achieving levels of independence. Directed towards adolescents and parents, this inspiring story is available for purchase.

Emma shared a quote from her mother which she used as strength and inspiration for her journey; “To never let your limitations define you”At Ability Partners, our clinicians embody the same principles.

[ID: A box of books stacked. The books are titled ‘Winning The Fight’, authored by Emma Chaplin. The book cover is a young girl (Emma) standing on a path covered with fallen leaves. She is surrounded by green, orange and yellow trees. She is wearing a denim jacket, black pants, and is holding a pink walking stick in her right hand].

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