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Ability Partners have sourced the journal article, Building Better Teams: Impact of Education And Coaching Intervention on Interprofessional Collaboration Between Teachers and Occupational Therapists in Schools, to inform clinical practice for an existing case. The impairments within the case include impulse control, organisation, emotional regulation, maintaining attention and sensory regulation.

Methodology Review:

  • Quantitative Quasi-experimental study – Level 3 on the evidence hierarchy
  • Consistent inclusion criteria for teachers and OTs (minimum 1 year of experience in a paediatric setting)
  • G* power tool stated a minimum sample size of 27 participants. Sample size began at 64 participants which dropped to 27 following study dropouts.
  • Participants were selected at random, all from New Jersey (limiting generalizability)
  • Coaching session was completed for the entire cohort followed by a final day of training and reflection where 3 skills were addressed: communication, role perception and conflict resolution.
  • P-values were found to be very high, and way exceeded the significance level of 0.05 for all 3 skills. Despite this, analysis of reflection revealed that participants showed significantly higher responses in confidence with these skills in the post-test and the alternative hypothesis was accepted (that long-term collaboration can be effective).
  • Caution should be exercised as these improvements were self-reported changes after a relatively short period of time, with only 3 total implementation periods. This was not a measure of effectiveness in practice.
[ID: Image of student raising hand, pointing their index finger in a library. The background has a blur composition of a teacher seated. The teacher is holding a book.]

A practical application to take home:
• Role-perception and role understanding showed the greatest improvement in children’s capacity.
• Teachers and Occupational Therapists do not regularly collaborate together, despite working with children so closely.
• We suggest that Teachers and Occupational Therapists should work together, to build their skills and understand each other’s role. This allows a personal tailored approach to learning for the student to improve capacity.

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Journal Article

Friedman, ZL, Hubbard, K & Seruya, F 2022, ‘Building Better Teams: Impact of Education and Coaching Intervention on Interprofessional Collaboration Between Teachers and Occupational Therapists in Schools’, Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention, DOI: 10.1080/19411243.2022.2037492